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Reduce the cost of buying papers, cluster of files in office, Remember Student's old debt on a single click, track all the expenses run by the School, Amount paid to staff every month/annually. Produce students result with accuracy within a day after exam, generate and print broadsheet without calculator. Query any student's information on a click of button (Profile information, class/arm, room occupy in hostel, debt, academic performance, etc). Mark Students Register/Attendance with fun, Teachers-Parent collaboration. Bulk SMS and Mailing System, Online File Sharing and Home Works, etc.

Save Money

Having a complete ERP Solution helps you save huge amount of Money compare to the manual system or incomplete software. ACADASUITE™ is a complete ERP Software solution for Schools whether Newly open, Small, Medium, Big or Multi-branches School. Cost of purchasing papers, printing and running processes will be totally reduced using ACADASUITE™. Parent can check and print their child Result online when permitted without you printing for them.

Save Time

ACADASUITE™ helps both the Administrators and Teachers to save time used in running processes, filling and calculation. No need of Subject Teachers to submit his Score to Form/Class Teacher to compile Result. Teachers upload their Scores directly and Acadasuite will handle the rest on a click of button. Despite its power the user interface and work-flow are amazingly intuitive. The time required for producing the Result and running other processes in manually or in a medium-sized software can be measured in days instead of weeks or months.

Offline and Online Deployment that synchronize

Poor internet connection stops most schools in under-develop country from using 100% internet based application. ACADASUITE™ provide Offline and Online Deployment that can synchronize when connected online.

Data Security and Reuse content

We guarantee secured data management to our client, entrust your data to us and we will ensure data integrity and accuracy at all point of demand. To avoid theft of records/files, we make sure every files are encrypted before deploying to server. Re-usability, Every record you enter into the system is permanently stored. You can update any record anytime everywhere when the original files are changed.

Work in a team

With ACADASUITE™ you and your staff can all work on the application with access permission at the same time. Just put ACADASUITE™ on server where all staff can access it and get to work. ACADASUITE™ makes sure that no staff members can try to change record that is not permitted to him/her.

So Much More than School Management Software

24/7 support

The Acadasuite team is always available 24/7 to help you with any issues or queries. We also provide physical support.

Please make use of the following contact details:, +2348062439476, +23470703 220 8220.

Web Based

AcadaSuite has everything your institution will ever need. We can add more features based on your specifications.

User Friendly

Acadasuite is as easy as "Do with Instructor", it is very easy to use even for first time login.

Parent and student login

Both parents and students have their own individual login access to acadasuite, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywhere in the world.

Control privileges

Acadasuite’s advanced user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users.

Online Assignment

Teachers can share their assignment both on session or during mid-term and student will answer it online.


Entrusting your data to us is a guarantee that won't be broken.Acadasuite protects all your data. don't worry about any crucial information being stolen.

No hidden fee

Acadasuite is transparent and doesn't include any hidden fee.

Employee login

Faculty and non-teaching staff have separate login access to Acadasuite. Use this feature to automate the systems and processes of your institution..

Internal messaging system

Share document and files with your teachers and parents, so no need for external emailing service

Graphical reports

Acadasuite helps to graphically report information for decision making like student performace, finance, attendance etc

Guardian details instantly available

Complete details of guardians and parents are instantly available night and day in case of emergency.

Iconic User Interface

Acadasuite iconic interface makes it mush easier for user to use effectively

Regular School Updates

Allows you to share your school news, event updates and it gets published instantly.

Unique ID for all

Create a unique ID for all system users and task ranging form students, parents admin, staff and teachers